O2B Challenge Categories

O2B Challenge Categories

1) #Sha2etak_Demaghak

out of the box (O2b), economic, applicable ideas for apartment buildings,  apartments’ interior designing. The targeted apartment’s area is (65 meters - 75 meters) fit to accommodate a family of 4 members, the out of the box ideas should include all these aspects:

  • A Creative Interior design, divisions and utlilization of space.
  • Ideas for Smart & multi-purpose Furniture.
  • Ideas for a creative lighting systems.

All solutions should be Economic, Applicable, Aesthetic & Creative.

 The Finalist projects:

  • Perception
  • Smart Furniture
  • El Tanwoura
  • Green Box
  • El Beet El Estewany


2) #E7iaa_A7yaa2

It is a competition between O2B ideas generated to develop  Urban developments and renovation and better management for informal settlements #3ashwa2yat. The O2B ideas should serve an Actual Area needed to be developed; economic Ideas to build a decent infrastructure, o2b economic way of waste management (garbag and building materials), o2b ideas to develop and integrate the Educational, environmental &Employment system in this area. Ultimate aim of the O2B comprehensive solutions is to raise the living standards in this Area + aesthetic developments using the skills and talents of the residents.

 The Finalist projects:

  •  3emaret Sinai
  • Smart Basket
  • Go Green


3) #Esteghlal

It is a competition between O2B ideas aiming to transform the unused public space to be more beneficial in its utility and functionality to the public. The Out of the Box project is to transform a couple of unused spaces to be of greater benefit and aesthetics to the public.


 The Finalist projects:

  • Bridging Gaps
  • Power Station Under Water
  • The hidden Energy
  • Eco Doyser


4) #Sawa2ha_SA7

The Challenge between the Contestants is to Design and prepare full advertising campaign for the integrated marketing of tourism in Egypt.

Target is: Europe / Middle East / Far East / USA / Africa (Select two destinations only).


 The Finalist projects:

  • Moonstone 
  • Ra7al
  • The land of magic
  • EgyPal

5) #Sawa7

The Contestants are challenged to make a comprehensive offer to envisage the management of tourists/Tourism in Egypt.


6) #7elaha_W_Eerbotha

The Challenge between the Contestants is to generate realistic Ideas to:

  1. Maximize and optimize and integrate existing transportation alternatives.
  2. Substitution/switching/Introducing new methods of transportation system.
  3. Discover key cultural trends and behaviors that if changes will enhances the transportation system and propose an O2B solution for it.
  4. Decrease the number / time and Cost of transportation and increase the level of enjoyment.


 The Finalist projects:

  • Tawseela
  • Rakabny
  • Smart Bus
  • I-control

7) #3al_Nota

The Contestants are challenged to develop a musical that reflect the youth spirit stressing on one or more of this values that would inspire people to adopt them.

  • Work Excellence.
  •  Respect.
  • The true meaning of family and friends.
  • Innovation and non-traditional thinking.
  • Team work.


8) #Fakarna_Ghayarna


Contestants are challenged to create an O2B motivating serial advertising campaign (TV FILLERS) on television for two of those values:

- Work Excellence.

- Respect.

- The true meaning of family and friends.

- Innovation and non-traditional thinking.

- Teamwork.

The segment should not exceed one minute & should provide a pilot of three episodes. 


 The Finalist projects:

  • Thinking game
  • Switch on


9) #El_Msh_Bernameg

Contestants are challenged to create a new format for the media "providing two pilot episodes". The ideas must be different from the traditional ideas of talkies/ contests/ or any of the currently regular formats. "You need to kick the box here not just think out of it" :)

 The Finalist projects:

  • Mesa7a Moshtaraka
  • Gwa Masr
  • En Keber Ebnak
  • Think better

10) #Masry_Asly

Contestants are challenged to take a single photo or a series of photos that shows this values:

  • Egyptians laugh; our peaceful weapon.
  • Egyptians O2B; we are genuinely creative.
  • Egyptians have a good conscience ( The hardest to visually spot.)
  • A Series of photos to be used for billboards to reflect egypt as the best tourist destinations.


 The Finalist projects:

  • De7ket El Masryeen
  • Etsaraf