A journey of success...Continues..

ARDIC was founded as a joint-stock company in 1998 with paid up capital of EGP 500 million.

Ever since it was created, the company has been steadily expanding in Egypt’s vibrant real estate market with a number of high value real estate properties.

The Winning Formula

For almost two decades in Real Estate investment, Property Development and Property Management, ARDIC has always been keen to notch up a success after another in each of its development projects.

The company, thus, devised a formula to hit on whenever initiating a new development; simple yet magical: strategic vision, strong financial self-support, and a fully integrated team comprising Egypt’s top-of-mind consulting offices.

The company's plan relies on investing in the fields of industry, real estate, tourism, services, housing and reconstruction through creating a competitive business environment.

There is no doubt that it requires accurate implementation of a large number of projects and attention to the prevailing challenges and demands of the market.

To become one of the pioneers of real-estate development and investment, our current focus involves increasing the investment in real estate industry through development of engineering designs and diversification of activities.

Throughout our broad experience in the industry, ARDIC established five major residential, commercial, and administrative projects of great market value.

The projects include four renowned residential compounds; Zizinia, Zizinia Garden, Zizinia Rose, and Zizinia Flowers.

The fifth project is a commercial administrative shopping mall, Zizinia Mall El-Haram.

As we strive to be one of the top five companies in the real estate industry, we are operating with a whole new innovative and vibrant spirit. We are currently restructuring the whole company to be more automated, customer-focused and more involved in developing our community.