A Word from the CEO

A Word from the CEO

We aim to Work with Determination, Diligence, Responsibility & Creativity

Founded in 1998, ARDIC is one of the pioneer companies in the industry. Through this long journey, we have established a number of prominent successful real-estate developments.

As one of our core values, credibility matters to us. Throughout more than 18 years in the industry, we have always kept our promises, firmly believing that our customers deserve the best value for their investment.

We believe in the importance of constant improvement as one of the key success factors. Therefore, we are currently giving our company a facelift to put it in line with our future plans of expansion and new investments.

The aim is to add a young vibrant spirit to our long years of experience. We strive to be more up-to-date, modern, innovative, creative, and customer focused.

We might be in the real-estate development, but our scope of commitment and attention extends to development in every sense.

Thus, we are keen to commit ourselves to our social responsibility of developing our society.

We care for our own community, customers, and staff. Given our long experience, great market reputation, successful projects, and our promising future plans, I can say that ARDIC is on the right track of being one of the top five companies in real-estate development and investment.

Last but not least, I would like to thank our customers and staff who have been always helping the company move on from one success to another.

In ARDIC we believe that moving in should mean moving forward, moving together, and moving ahead.


Dr.Eng.Ashraf Dowidar