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Give us out of the box (O2b), economic, applicable ideas for apartment buildings,  apartments’ interior designing. The targeted apartment’s area is (65 meters - 75 meters) fit to accommodate a family of 4 members, the out of the box ideas should include all these aspects:

  • A Creative Interior design, divisions and utlilization of space.
  • Ideas for Smart & multi-purpose Furniture.
  • Ideas for a creative lighting systems.

All solutions should be Economic, Applicable, Aesthetic & Creative.

Formats To Be Delivered:


Besides filling the application, you need to upload one or more of the below requirements As a JPG on any cloud, then attach its link to your application:

Top, side & front 2D view for the ِapartment building, apartment (using AutoCAD or any similar program).

Free-hand/Digital drawing for smart furniture.

Top view for lighting system.


You Have to Submit one or more of the Below requirements:

- 3D Perspective For the apartment building Every room in the apartment & Maket for the top view of the apartment.

3D Drawing for the Furniture, prototype for the furniture showing its dynamics.

Maket for the lighting system to show its uniqueness.



- Prepare a presentation to present your Idea in 5 minutes.

- A printed catalogue include a description for all your designs along the project.

- Full final maket for all the project.



For more information, please check the RULES and PHASES section.

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