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It is a competition between O2B ideas generated to develop  Urban developments and renovation and better management for informal settlements #3ashwa2yat. The O2B ideas should serve an Actual Area needed to be developed; economic Ideas to build a decent infrastructure, o2b economic way of waste management (garbag and building materials), o2b ideas to develop and integrate the Educational, environmental &Employment system in this area. Ultimate aim of the O2B comprehensive solutions is to raise the living standards in this Area + aesthetic developments using the skills and talents of the residents.

You Have to Submit


Filling the applications is enough.


You have to submit an action plan describe the whole project to develop the informal settlements, this plan include:

  1. Scope Plan include identification for all stakeholders.
  2. Cases Study (residence of the informal settlements).
  3. Time-plan to execute your project.
  4. Budget Plan including the revenue streams.
  5. Resources (procurements & human resources).
  6. Risk plan.
  7. Communication plan between all stakeholders (responsibility allocation for sustainability of the model).


- Prepare a O2B presentation to present your Idea in 5 min.

- Print the plan of your project ( this plan must include all the process, pictures & details of your project).



For more information, please check the RULES and PHASES section.

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