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The Contestants are challenged to make a comprehensive offer to envisage the management of tourists/Tourism in Egypt.

Your project must answer questions into actions:

  • How to creatively Match and mix target groups to type of tourism packages and incentives ?!
  • How to creatively Manage tourists from the moment they arrive at the airport until their departure ?!
  • How to creatively manage/Introduce programs & shows in historical sites that aims to attract tourists ?!
  • How can you in an O2B way maximize his tour in terms of time, place and pleasure and increase his vacation spending value ?!
  • What O2B services, technology do you propose ?!
  • Find an O2B comprehensive Solution to solve the different complaints tourist suffer from – sellers, over pricing, fraud,..etc  ?!

You Have to Submit


Filling the applications is enough.


An action-plan describe the whole project to develop a real Tourist experience, this plan include:

- A detailed Description for the solution you offer.

- A geographical study for the Tourist region.

- Budget Plan including the revenue streams.

- Resources (procurements & human resources).

A virtual tour of the moment you receive the tourist until you wave them good-bye including:


  1. Group size limit & length of stay limit.
  2. Trip scheduling.
  3. Sites & shows.
  4. Transportation used.



Prepare an O2B presentation to present your Idea in 5 min & print your plan/catalogue, this plan/catalogue must include all the process, pictures & details of your project.


For more information, please check the RULES and PHASES section.


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