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The Challenge between the Contestants is to generate realistic Ideas to:

  1. Maximize and optimize and integrate existing transportation alternatives.
  2. Substitution/switching/Introducing new methods of transportation system.
  3. Discover key cultural trends and behaviors that if changes will enhances the transportation system and propose an O2B solution for it.
  4. Decrease the number / time and Cost of transportation and increase the level of enjoyment.

You Have to Submit


Filling the applications is enough.


An action-plan describe the whole project to develop the whole transportation, including:

-          Current Situation Analysis.

-          Scope Plan include identification for all stakeholders.

-          Budget Plan including the revenue streams.

-          Resources (procurements & human resources).

-          Simulation or prototype for the solution if possible.


-Prepare an O2B presentation to present your Idea in 5 min.

-Print your plan including all the process, pictures & details of your project.



For more information, please check the RULES and PHASES section.

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