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Heliopolis Heritage Initiative - مبادرة تراث مصر الجديدة

Heliopolis Heritage Initiative - مبادرة تراث مصر الجديدة


The Heliopolis Heritage Initiative is a grass root initiative, founded in 2011 in response to the speed deterioration of the Heliopolis heritage and quality of life of its residence. The initiative is concerned with the protection of the architectural and cultural heritage of Heliopolis, along with the enhancement of the neighborhood’s built environment. Heliopolis Heritage promotes better quality of life for Heliopolis residents, and commits to sustainable and participatory modern heritage preservation.

Heliopolis Heritage strives to build alliances and coalitions with all concerned stakeholders. It is currently working on engaging the tripartite cooperation that should gathers governmental authorities with the private sector and the civil society to achieve what it aims for. Heliopolis Heritage believes that the engagement of community and participation of the residents is the major catalyst to promote heritage and ensure its protection. Heliopolitans have a strong feeling of community belonging and attachment to their neighborhood.. The contribution of Heliopolis residents, experts and concerned citizens is encouraged, with the aim to promote a model in community activism as best practice, that eventually could be extended to other districts in Cairo and throughout Egypt.

Our Mission:

Revive and protect the quality of life in Heliopolis


Heliopolis Heritage is committed to five main topics:
1- Preserving and documenting the architectural and urban heritage.
2- Enhancing the green zones and parks.
3- Promoting cultural heritage and protecting collective memories.
4- Supporting traffic and transportation solutions.
5- Encouraging resolutions to waste management challenges in Heliopolis.

In order to achieve our mission, the following milestones have been reached by Heliopolis Heritage team:
• Report violations concerning the built environment to the concerned authorities through monitoring process of the built heritage;
• Reach a proper protection measures concerning Heliopolis heritage through negotiating law amendments and adjustments to the regulations for the areas of heritage value "Heliopolis", issued by the National Organization for Urban Harmony in January 2014to close any legal loop hole that may affect Heliopolis Heritage protection efforts;
• Prepare project documents and proposals for different topics through projects based teams e.g.: Heliopolis Metro Renovation, the Maryland Revitalization, Heritage Signage components, Kids Corners design, Heliopolis Museum project, etc.
• Enhance public awareness by introducing the topics of Heliopolis Heritage to the community through cultural and social events;
• Promote the heritage value of Heliopolis through guided community walks and tours;
• Encourages the government to value and recognize the modern heritage.
• Mobilizes the community to encourage residents active participation;
• Lead silent protests, against demolishing buildings with heritage value;
• Exerts pressure on governmental institutions to enforce the law and protect the heritage;

During the past three years, Heliopolis Heritage has successfully mobilized the community in Heliopolis, by engaging a number of experts and stakeholders, having more than 7000 fans, and developing means of cooperation between Cairo governorate, National Organization for Urban Harmony and the initiative.

Things we are proud of

Under the initiative of "Egypt Heritage Network", Heliopolis Heritage leada coalition comprised of different groups interested and working on the protection of heritage, to submit to the constitutional assembly in 2013, an amendment to protect the tangible and intangible heritage. More specifically, the amendment proposed the protection of not only ancient Egyptian, Islamic and Coptic heritage but to include the build heritage of the modern and contemporary eras, and to value Egypt’s cultural diversity. After lobbying for these amendments with the assembly members, the network succeeded to include an article listing all these points (Article 50) for the first time in the Egyptian constitution.
In addition, Heliopolis Heritage initiative has recently launched Save Heliopolis Metro campaign against the destruction of the metro‬‬‬ infrastructure and called for a renovation of the current network toward a clean energy and reliable mean of transportation.

Toward a legal entity

We just started the process of creating Heliopolis Heritage Foundation to have a legal status to start the different projects and dreams in our Vision for Heliopolis and the Heliopolitans. Wish us luck :) and are glad to welcome all persons who want to give time and efforts to help their community and their surroundings.

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